Scientific Diving Lifetime Achievement Awardees

Stephen Jewett, PhD. (2019)
John Pearse, PhD (2017)
Charles Birkeland, PhD. (2015)
J.E.N. "Charlie" Veron, PhD. (2014)
Alina Szmant, PhD. (2013)
George Bass, PhD. (2012)
Michael Foster, PhD. (2011)
William Hamner, Ph.D. (2009)
Jimmy Stewart (2008)
Eugenie Clark, Ph.D. (2007)
Andreas B. Rechnitzer, Ph.D. (2006, In Memoriam)
John E. Randall, Ph.D. (2005)
Sylvia A. Earle, Ph.D. (2004)
Mark and Diane Littler, Ph.D. (2003)
Paul K. Dayton, Ph.D. (2002)
Wheeler J. North, Ph.D. (2001, In Memoriam)
J. Morgan Wells, Ph.D. (2000)

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