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2020 AAUS Board of Directors Elections

The 2020 AAUS election is now open and closes June 30. The election is open to Full Voting Members (individual and OM Reps) in good standing. Below you will find the slate of candidates. Their bios and election questions are at https://aaus.org/News_Announcements and attached. All voting is to take place on the website. Please follow the directions below; be an active part of your Academy and VOTE!

To write in a candidate, email name of the write-in candidate to two of the election committee members:
• Marc Slattery, Chair (slattery@olemiss.edu)
• Mike Anghera (manghera@ucla.edu)
• Narineh Nazarian (narineh@bu.edu)
• Robbie Christian (robbie@miami.edu)
• Robert Reavis (robert.reavis@gccaz.edu)

Presidential Candidates:
Jim Hayward, University of California Diving and Boating Consortium
Elizabeth Kintzing, University of New Hampshire
Chris Ledford, Texas A&M Galveston
Doug Schleiger, Smithsonian Institute

Presidential Candidate Bios Found Here

Director-at-Large Candidates:
Joseph Grinnan, SEARCH
Jason Herum, University of California Davis
Andrew Morgan, California State University Monterey Bay
Steve Sellers, National Park Service

DAL Candidate Bios Found Here

Instructions for Online Voting:
1. Login at www.aaus.org. Your username is the email address on file with AAUS. Password can be reset with "forgot password" if needed.
2. Go to Members Tab then Members Profile
3. Blue Vote Now button below member info block on the left hand side of the page. (You may be required to sign in again)
4. Follow onscreen instructions to submit vote.