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COVID-19 Resources

AAUS is gathering online resources from trusted partners to share with our community concerning COVID-19. Links contain current information and recommendations from professional diving and medical organizations about issues like returning to diving after COVID-19 exposure, disinfecting equipment, animal care operations and more. We will continue to monitor, evaluate, and add pertinent new information and will keep the lines of communication open with the entire diving community. Resource links can be found at https://aaus.org/AAUS/Covid-19_Resources.aspx

Additionally, AAUS members can access a folder of COVID-19 SOPs, plans, cleaning protocols and more material collected from AAUS OMs and other sources in the Resource Library (under the members tab after login). If your AAUS organization would like to add to these resources, please send documents and/or links to admin@aaus.org

The AAUS Board of Directors and the Office are here to help; please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need other assistance or support.