The Mitchell Internship

The Mitchell Scientific Diving Research Internship, sponsored by Chuck and Kathy Mitchell,  is provided to an undergraduate student who seeks a scientific diving research experience.  This internship is intended to be research-centric; therefore, training and certification as an AAUS Scientific Diver is a prerequisite.

The Mitchell Scientific Diving Research Internship provides undergraduates with experiences to build upon their scientific diving education and to further help prepare them for a future in science, research diving, or scientific diving related fields. The Mitchell Internship is designed for current undergraduate students who already have an active AAUS Scientific Diving certification. The internship will provide opportunities to participate and assist in scientific diving with an AAUS Organizational Member. Daily activities may include planning scientific dives, preparing dive equipment, assisting in scientific diver training, participating on research projects, spending time on research boats, diving, interacting with divers, and logging dives. The program has a great degree of flexibility. The internship may include advanced training in Scientific Diving Program Management. This will provide greater insights into operational standards, proper dive planning and documentation, and operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities. The opportunities open will depend on the aptitude and motivation of the intern and the fit with the host institution(s).

The fundamental goals of interns should include desires to:

• Continue building professional training and experience;

• Participate in scientific research and data collection using diving as a tool; and

• Assist with scientific diving program management and field operations.

Location and Duration

Host locations vary each year. The internship will take place for about three months in the summer months. Exact dates and schedules will be coordinated between the intern and the sponsor.


Applicants must have an active AAUS Scientific Diver certification from an AAUS Organizational Member which includes:

  • Verification of training letter from training organization
  • Medical authorization established with an AAUS-compliant diving physical completed prior to the start of the internship
  • Current emergency care training
  • Current equipment inspection
  • 12 logged dives in the past 12 months

Additionally, applicants must have an  interest in marine sciences or other underwater-related discipline that uses scientific diving as a tool


A stipend ($3000) is provided to help cover travel to/from internship site and internship related expenses