The Artists

Kathy English

Kathy Anne English is a self taught artist and buseness woman currently living in Sweetwater, New Jersey.  Raised in southern New Jersey, her family constantly encouraged her to paint the beauty of their seashore environment.  Although she has been a global traveler and spent six years in Chester County, Pennsylvania, the Pine Barrens and Jersey Shore has been, and always will be, the most motivating factor behind her artistic success.  

Kathy, being an avid SCUBA diver, has been a long time contributor to AAUS.  She has created a beautiful series of watercolors that depict the scenery and underwater life at each our our annual meeting locations for more than 12 years!  The donation of this series funded the AAUS PhD scholarships for many years and is prominently displayed on this website.  Visit our store to purchase your favorites. 

Crispin Middleton

Crispin Middleton is the Dive Safety Officer for the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in New Zealand. NIWA is an AAUS organisational member and has a team of between 40-50 scientific divers working primarily New Zealand, Antarctica and the South Pacific.  Crispin is an active scientific diver and despite being in the water for work most weeks there is no holding him back from his real passion of underwater photography at the weekends. He lives in Northern New Zealand purely to take advantage of some of the best temperate diving in the world. Crispin and his wife Irene run a photography website- and between them have won several major national and international underwater photography competitions as well as publishing photo stories in New Zealand Geographic magazine.

Mick Grochowski

Working in both Acrylic and Oils, and is currently doing plein air as well as studio painting as well as experimenting in sculpture. Mick's work has been accepted in many local and regional, juried and non juried exhibits. During the 1970's and 80's Mick painted and exhibited his work regionally around his hometown of Alpena,a small town in northeastern lower Michigan. He graduated from Alpena Community College with degrees in Fine Art and Business Mgt. Currently, Mick and his wife Nancy reside in Willoughby (Norfolk, VA), having relocated from Michigan and were proprietors of a printing and graphic design business in Chesapeake, VA until mid 2016.  Mick donated a print of his piece entitled Wreck of the Nordmere for the 2017 AAUS Symposium in Alpena, Michigan.  Prints available in the Foundation store.

Jessie Kendall-Bar

Jessica Kendall-Bar is a PhD student studying Marine Mammal Physiology and Neuroscience in the Costa and Williams’ labs at UC Santa Cruz. She also studied Marine Science and Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. Jessie is an avid scuba diver and loves art and science and in particular how they can combine to vividly depict the underwater world.  Jessie created a watercolor, Trout of Tahoe, for the 2018 AAUS Symposium in Lake Tahoe, California. Prints available in the Foundation store.

Kathryn Liu

Kathryn is a video game Art Director/Graphic Designer by day, critter drawer by night. Always dreaming in salt water world.  Kathryn created a beautiful print for the 2019 AAUS/CAUS Symposium in Vancouver, BC. Prints available in the Foundation store.