Kevin Flanagan Student Travel Award


The Kevin Flanagan Student Travel Award provides up to $800 to undergraduate and/or graduate students interested in diving science to attend AAUS scientific meetings. The award is competitive and merit-based. As many as three students may be funded annually.

Proposal deadline is January 15. (Extended to January 19th in 2024)
Scholarship winners are announced February 01.

**This application/award cycle is being moved to the fall in 2022 due to a change in the timing of the AAUS symposium.  Please contact the AAUS office for more information or watch this page and social media for more information.

The Kevin Flanagan Travel Award was established in collaboration with Kevin's family as a legacy to his commitment to AAUS and scientific diving. Kevin served as AAUS board member (2009-2011)  and diving safety officer at the University of Hawaii and East Carolina University prior to his death in May 2012. Kevin's big personality and passion for his students endeared him to many in the AAUS community.  The support we received from our community  has enabled the Flanagan Travel Award to be the first fully endowed award of the AAUS  Foundation, permanently funded through interest earned on the raised capital.