AAUS awards competitive scholarships, internships, and awards to graduate and undergraduate students engaged in, or planning to begin, a research project in which diving is used as an important research tool or the research topic is diving science.  

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below and the information on each scholarship page BEFORE applying.

Frequently asked Questions

Must I be a member of AAUS to apply for a scholarship?

Yes, all scholarship applicants must be an active member of AAUS at the time of application.  If this poses a hardship, please contact [email protected]

If I am trained as an AAUS science diver, does that make me a member of AAUS and thus eligible?

Not necessarily.  Even if you are a trained AAUS science diver, you may not be a member of AAUS.  Please refer the FAQs on the difference in membership and certification on if you are unsure.

Can international students apply for AAUS scholarships?

Yes, international students can apply for AAUS scholarships. Please see question below if your organization is NOT an AAUS member.

Can I apply for AAUS scholarships if my organization is NOT an AAUS Organizational member?

Yes, however you must be able to exhibit that the organization you are diving under (your own or one that may be sponsoring your diving activities) has diving standards in place that meet or exceed those of the AAUS standards. Typically this is accomplished by the applicant providing a copy of your organization's diving standard manual. 

Can I apply for more than one AAUS scholarship?

The Kevin Flanagan travel award can be combined with any of the other scholarships.  However, you may not apply for both a research scholarship and a FINSS award.

Are there restrictions on what the scholarship money must be spent on?

The scholarship monies will be distributed to the awardee to apply to your project budget as you see fit. 

How do I apply for AAUS scholarships?

All scholarships applications are available at